Unlimited x Loaded Battery
Unlimited x Loaded Battery

Unlimited x Loaded Battery

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Unlimited x Loaded Battery

The lifeblood of your unlimited.

The replaceable lithium-ion batteries have good power and are very resistant.
You can also take them to the plane thanks to their 90-Wh (please contact the airline).
The button shines in different colors and shows you the loading position and other important messages.


  • x1 Battery
  • x1 "Dummy" Core (an empty core, for aesthetic purposes when using the CRUISER setup. Not pictured).
  • Loading device not included


  • Smart BMS with multi-battery with logical control
  • USB Type-C connection for loading accessories
  • Sealed for IP65 specification
  • Over-the-air firmware Update possibility


  • Species: Lithium ions
  • Current voltage: 36 V nominal `12442 V max.
  • Capacity: 2.5 Ah (per battery pack)
  • Total energy: 90 Wh
  • Storage temperature: 0-C-40-C/ 32-F?-104-F
  • Loading time: 80 minutes (each time using a 2-A charger)
  • Connectivity: CAN bus to other batteries and cores
  • Case material: flame retardant fiber reinforced nylon (teeth like nails!)

STORAGE SPECIFICATIONS (charger not included with battery)

  • Input: 100 V -240 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Working temperature: 10-C to 40-C
  • Loading temperature: 0.C to 40.C
  • Loading time (2 A): 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Loading time (3 A): 1-hour and 50-minute

Electric boards are not allowed on public roads in Germany (stand July 2019).