Unlimited x Loaded Solo to Race Kit Upgrade

Unlimited x Loaded Solo to Race Kit Upgrade

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Unlimited x Loaded Solo to Race Kit Upgrade

Climb up your ride to the top level.

Ready for full throttle and more range? Then until you see exactly right here.
The Solo to Race Kit Upgrade turns your Solo Kit/Complete into a Race, Unlimited's strongest drive.

x1 motor
x1 battery
x1 core (motor controller)
x1 dual baseplate

Performance (Race): 1680 W max
Driver Weight Limit: Tested to 127 kg
Drive system: FOC with regenerative braking
Orangatang Motor Liner Diameter: 85 mm
Contact surface: 58 mm
Material: Custom-made high-rebound Orangatang Happy Thane urethanes 80A

Type: Lithium-Ion
Current voltage: 36 V nominal | 42 V max.
Capacity: 2.5 Ah (per battery pack)
Total energy: 90 Wh
Storage temperature: 0 ° C-40 ° C/32 ° F? -104 ° F
Charging time: 80 minutes (each/when using a 2 A charger)
Connectivity: CAN bus to other batteries and nuclei
Case material: Flame retardant fibre reinforced nylon (tough as nails!)
USB Type-C connector for loading accessories
Sealed according to IP65 specification

Elecro boards are not allowed on public roads in Germany (as of July 2019).