TSG Evolution Solid Colors - Mellow Fanboy

TSG Evolution Solid Colors - Mellow Fanboy

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TSG Evolution Solid Colors

Edition Stay Mellow Fanboy; -)

The evolution with deep low fit fit and snug fit seat is one of the slimmest helmets on the market. Its hard shell construction protects all areas of your head and thanks to the anatomical design it wears pleasantly and does not slip.

With the helmets of the "Injected Color" line, the colors are applied by a less elaborate process, so that we can offer the helmets cheaper.

  • Hard bowls construction method
  • Safety standards: EN 1078, CE, CPSC

  • Tuned fit system with cushion
  • Deep Low Fit Fit
  • Optimal snug fit fit and wearing comfort

  • 14 Air holes with air ducts
  • Comfort padding in 2 sizes
  • Weight: from 460g
  • Skateboard
  • Longboard
  • Bike