Triple Eight Gotham Mips Helmet - White

Triple Eight Gotham Mips Helmet - White

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Triple Eight Gotham Mips Helmet - White

With their roots on the wild streets of NYC and rooted with heart and soul in action sport, the creators of Triple Eight Protective Gear know exactly how important good protective equipment is. Therefore, their products are manufactured according to the highest standards and also look stylish.

The model Gotham of Triple Eight Sets the security factor still a proper serving of comfort and style on top. He also has the double certification and is thus road suitable and can be worn for skating and biking. The ABS outer shell is foamed with ultra-light, patented conaft EPS foam. This absorbs shocks even better and forwards them in the material. For your comfort, it comes with foam pads that have a special welding absorbing surface. There is also a second set of upholstery in another strength, so you find the optimal fit for you. The not enough is located on the side of the nude a swivel closure with which you can set the helmet individually until it sits perfectly. The outer shell has air holes to give you a cool head. These are arranged in logo form and give the helmet an extra portion of style. For fixing under chin, a nylon belt serves with a clip closure, which can also be adjusted perfectly. The urban style helmet that can be used in many areas and always protects you perfectly!

Taking Skate Style to A Whole New Level.

Our Urban Styled, Dual Certified Gotham Helmet Just Got Smarter, With Mips Technology That Reduces The Risk of Brain Injury. Mips is a low-friction layer in The Helmet That Absorbs Much of the Rotational Violence During A case, Reducing Harm to the Brain. The Gotham So Features The Patented Conende EPS Liner, Triple Eight Logo Vents and a Subtle Brim. No Other Helmet Comes Close to the Comfort, Safety and Good Looks of the Gotham With Mips.

Size Chart:

XS / S 18.9 - 21.3 in (48 - 54 cm)
S / M 21.7 - 22.8 in (55 - 58 cm)
L / XL 23.2 - 24 in (59 - 61 cm)

CPSC and CE certified and thus road suitable
Ultra lightweight construction with patented EPS foam
Foam padding with alternating pads
Welding absorbing surface of the upholstery
Individually adjustable chin strap