Triple Eight Brainsaver Snow Helmet Black Rubber
Triple Eight Brainsaver Snow Helmet Black Rubber

Triple Eight Brainsaver Snow Helmet Black Rubber

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Triple Eight Brainsaver Snow Helmet Black Rubber

With their roots rooted in the wild streets of NYC and rooted with heart and soul in action sports, the makers of Triple Eight protective gear know exactly how important good protective gear is. Therefore, their products are manufactured to the highest standards and look stylish.

The Dual Certified Helmet from Triple Eight provides perfect protection for your head and also looks stylish. It has inner pads that can also be removed thanks to Velcro fastening if you want to change them or wash them. Triple Eight's skate-style helmet ready for the terrain park, with audio Earflap Pockets so you can add your favorite audio system. Inside the helmet, it is lined with EPS foam to protect you perfectly, while the outer shell comes quite stylish because of it. To keep a cool head for every ride, the helmet has enough ventilation holes. It is fastened with an individually adjustable nylon strap to sit perfectly on the head while rivets hold the strap to the helmet. The stylish shape offers a wide section of the neck area, an ultra-light shell with integrated sleep protection and comfortable, interchangeable cushion. In addition to the US CPSC certificate for road use, it also holds the European CE certificate and is ready for use!

Certified for skateboarding and cycling
Inner cushion easily replaceable with velvet fastening
Ventilation holes in the shell
Individually adjustable chin strap
Ultra light construction with patented EPS foam

Size chart:

XS/S 18.9 -21.3 and (48 -54 cm)
S/M 21.7 -22.8 and (55 -58 cm)
L/XL 23.2 -24 in (59 -61 cm)