Shoe Goo II Shoe Repair
Shoe Goo II Shoe Repair

Shoe Goo II Shoe Repair

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Shoe Goo II Shoe Repair

Shoe Goo II is there, an updated version of the classic Shoe Goo, this one has a slightly less strong smellFormulated with premium polymer technology. It is water resistant and UV resistant and is well suited to permanently repair and protect your shoes Excellent adhesion on: leather, canvas, wild leather, rubber, fabric and many other substrates!

A problem that every skater has; Holes in her shoes. Shoe Goo is the solution. It extends the life of your shoe with all the wear Colour: crystal clear Volume: 59,1 ml


Don't throw away your favorite skate shots! Fix it and just keep driving with your favorite shoe!

Fix and skate!


  • Solvent-free
  • Less than 3% VOC
  • Dried crystal clear
  • UV-resistant
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Permanent commitment
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Disposal Colour: crystal clear
  • Volume: 59,1 ml


Attention: Toxic ingredients!


Instructions for repair:

  • Best to test the adhesive in a small area first and check for compatibility
  • Open adhesive cap (goes with lid tip)
  • Clean the area to be glued and if necessary. with some sanding paper
  • Apply Shoe Goo Gel directly from the tube to glue the shoe
  • Remove excess gel residue with a knife or toothpick
  • Dry the shoe well (overnight).
  • Honey.