Powell-Peralta Winged Ripper Complete

Powell-Peralta Winged Ripper Complete

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Powell-Peralta Winged Ripper 8 "

The Winged Ripper Complete board of Powell-peralta Skateboards

The Powell-peralkta Complete birds made of birch wood are perfect for beginners through the inexpensive material. The material is not quite as stable as maple but but more favorable and lighter.If it is clear that you stay on it and the first deck has been exhausted, it is certainly early enough to change to maple. The axes of the setup are solid and bring a decent steering behavior. With the 101A hard urethane in 53mm there is last but not least a classic set of rolls for all-round care fully equipment of the board. The Winged RipperGraphic is legendary!


Product information
  • Dimensions: 7.5 "x 28.65"
  • Rolls: 53mm 101a
  • 7 layers birch wood
  • Wood type: birch