Powell-Peralta OG Ripper
Powell-Peralta OG Ripper

Powell-Peralta OG Ripper

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With the OG Ripper Deck by Powell Peralta, you get the maximum of Creibility under his feet.

The ripper graphic of this cult board dates back to 1983 and was made by no one less than the legendary board designer Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, a.k.a. "VCJ", designed.
With over 30 years on the hump, the Ripper is now not only older than much of the active skateboarding community, but has also passed the test of the time in terms of style for a long time.

Both the original Colorway and the Wheel Wells as well as the original holes for the axes are here on board-more authentic are not. If you want to skate this piece of jewelry, you should pay attention to old school drilling in baseplate when choosing the trucks-otherwise just hang on to the Wall of Fame!
Thanks to its Old School Shapes with Spoon Nose, wide kicktail and a width of 10 inches, the Powell Peralta OG Ripper Deck is suitable for both pool and vert as well as cruising.

Concave: Low | Shape: Shaped | Construction: 7-Ply Maple