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OneWheel +


With the new onewheel + you will have the best ride of your life. With the completely redesigned hypercore engine, we bring the Perfomance to the next level as it has more power and speed. In addition, Nose and Tail have a slight bend (kicks) so that you have better halt, stand and control.



  • Brushless hub motor
  • New hypercore engine with more power and higher speed


  • Intelligent LED lights
  • LED lights (front and rear), which shine in the direction in which you drive


  • LIFEPO4 batteries that have a very long service life

Corner data:

  • 8-11km range
  • Can be connected to the app
  • iPhone, Watch and Android compatible
  • The charging takes 20min
  • Up to 30km / h


Danger! Because the legal situation is not clarified, here the note that e-skateboards are not approved for road traffic