Metz Moover - Cream White Limited Edition
Metz Moover - Cream White Limited Edition

Metz Moover - Cream White Limited Edition

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Metz Moover - stylish with the cream white Limited Edition

Experience the revolution in city traffic.

Every one of us wants to be relaxed to work and come back home. But reality in city traffic looks different: jam. Standstill. Stress. We need a solution to get comfortable and sustainable to the train station or to cope with the last kilometer to the office. An antidote for the dreaded Rush Hour. The Metz Moover is ideal for quick and secure short distances in the city and drives as a piece of luggage in public transport. But send only twice, then the electric motor can be switched on by hand pedal - and the kilometers melt in the wind. Electric micro mobility needs little space and spares resources.

Experience change and feel the new freedom now stylish with the cream white Limited Edition with handlebar handles in brown leather look.

Become part of #Mission Moover.


  • LED light with daytime running light function
  • Rear drive
  • Display: Battery pad, speed and daily kilometer
  • Convenient acceleration via hand pedal
  • Folding joint
  • Luggage carrier / handlebar mount
  • Approved on streets *
  • Approved on cycle paths *
  • approved in many European countries for public transport
  • Driving without helmet
  • Driving without driver's license *
  • 14 years and older*
  • Maximum total weight including driver and payload. 110 kg
  • Step-speed mode (max 6 km / h)
  • 210Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Engine with 250 watts Nunal performance
  • 20 km / h top speed
  • up to 20km range **
  • Weight: approx. 16kg

*Note country-specific regulations

**Depending on the driver's weight and driving conditions