Mellow Board S Cruiser
Mellow Board S Cruiser
Mellow Board S Cruiser
Mellow Board S Cruiser
Mellow Board S Cruiser

Mellow Board S Cruiser

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Mellow BoardS. Cruiser Electric Skateboard

With the Mellow Cruiser Electric Skateboard you get thatultimate total package and you can start right away! TheCruiser deck is exactly on thatMellow Drive designed and thus ensures an optimal driving experience! The scope of delivery includes everything you need, including drive, cruiser deck, axles, battery, rollers and accessories.

Handmade from Emil Boards in Germany! Only high-quality materials and the latest technologies are used for the longboards, which means that excellent quality is achieved. Therefore the decks ofEmil Boardsperfect for the Mellow Drive.

This compact, tailor-made, short skate deck brings the know-how and sustainable production of Emil boards to a size that is unusual for you. It is pleasantly short and therefore ideal for traveling and tight driving maneuvers in the city. It's the perfect deck for the endless rider who doesn't want to stray too far from their skateboard roots.

- Length: 29.9 "
- Width: 9.5 "
- Wheelbase: 18.1 "

The drive:
The battery of the Mellow Drive achieves an average of 12-15km and a top speed of 40km / h. The battery is fully charged in 3.5 hours and ready to go home.

You operate the handy remote control with one finger. Push to accelerate, pull to brake. Here you set the driving mode (Rookie, Eco, Pro and Endless ride ). The charge status of the battery is also displayed here. Of course, the remote control comes with a loop that you can put around your wrist. Then it won't plop you down.

You can always rely on the brakes! Where the brakes of other electric longboards give up, namely at full speed, is far from over for the Mellow brakes. Speed is fun, but you have to be able to control it.Innovative feature – the battery is charged when braking.

A supplementary app (iOS and Android) (currently only Android) is also available and shows you an insight into your data such as the state of charge, range or the distance covered.

Mellow has developed an electric motor of absolute top quality here. Best performance, best materials and best workmanship. It can even hold up rain and dust Mellow Drive was standing. Plus 0 emissions!

+ MADE IN GERMANY: Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany
+ DURABLE: 2 year guarantee for the system, 1 year guarantee for the battery. 1,000 charging cycles
+ FAST: Top speed 40 km / h
+ ROBUST: Waterproof and dustproof (IP65)
+ EASY TO CONTROL: Includes remote control
+ INTELLIGENT: The motor switches to freewheeling mode when you push yourself
+ FLEXIBLE: The roles are interchangeable
+ STRONG: Manages gradients of up to 20%
+ ENDURING: Achieves a range of 12-15 km
+ QUICKLY READY TO USE: Charging time 3.5 hours
+ VERSATILE: The battery can even be charged via USB
+ 1A TECHNOLOGY: Dual braking system that recharges the battery and works even when fully charged
+ Mellow APP: App for iOS and Android (currently only Android)

The facts:
- Weight: 3.9 kg
- Two motors in the wheels
- Torque 3 Nm each motor
- Standard 6-hole, 180 mm truck
- Click-in mechanism for the battery

The remote control:
- Easy to use: "Push" accelerates, "Pull" brakes
- 4 ride modes adjustable
- LED display shows the charging status
- Encrypted Bluetooth connection
- Vibrates when the battery is running low

Danger! Because the legal situation has not been clarified, here is a note that e-skateboards are not approved for road traffic.