Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set
Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set
Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set
Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set
Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set
Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set
Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set

Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set

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Mellow Board Loaded Kut-Thaka Set

Mellow meets Loaded !!!

Sure your Mellow Drive with a loaded of your choice !!!

A new level of electric skateboarding

The Mellow Drive combines Boardsport with German engineering art at the highest level. So electric skateboard brings even more fun and is even safer.

Electropower for each skateboard

The Mellow Drive can be mounted like a normal axis under each skateboard. So you can recycle your favorite deck and turn into a full-grown vehicle. And with its compact size, the Drive is also the perfect travel companion.

Surfing instead of commuting

With the Mellow Drive, the stressful way to work is to relax in the relaxed City Surf. Plan your trip with the Mellow App(Currently only Android) . Depending on driving mode and battery capacity, it shows you your remaining range.

+ Made in Germany: Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany
+ Durable: 2 years warranty for the system, 1 year warranty for the battery. 1,000 charging cycles
+ Fast: maximum speed 40 km / h
+ Robust: water and dustproof (IP65)
+ Lightly controllable: Includes remote control
+ Intelligent: Motor switches into the freewheel when you push yourself
+ Flexible: The rollers are interchangeable
+ Strong: creates gradients of up to 20%
+ Continuous: creates 12-15 km range
+ Fast ready for use: charging time 3.5 hours
+ Versatile: The battery can even be charged via USB
+ 1A Technology: Dual brake system that reheats the battery and also works in full charging status
+ Mellow App: App for iOS and Android

The facts:

  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Two motors in the wheels
  • Torque 3 nm every engine
  • Standard 6-hole, 180 mm truck
  • Click-in mechanism for the battery


  • Two engines in the roles
  • 3 nm Turning power per engine
  • Maximum speed 40 km / h
  • Maximum slope 20%
  • Water and Dustproof (IP65)
  • Free-running rolls - skating through
  • Normal adjustment possible
  • Changeable rollers


  • Massive, made of a piece of magnesium frame
  • Standard 6-hole, 180mm axis
  • Single mechanism for the battery

Battery pack:

  • Range 12km - 15km (7.5 miles-10miles)
  • Charging time 3,5hrs
  • Quick loading time 45min
  • 1,000 complete charging cycles
  • Weight 1000g
  • Performance 99Wh
  • Lithium-ion cells from the Tesla supplier
  • Battery Management System
  • Changeable by interlocking mechanism
  • Certified for air travel
  • Water and Dustproof (IP65)
  • via USB port also usable as a power bank


  • Mellow has a double brake system, which for the one hand when braking charges the battery again and on the other hand still worked on full battery. For most other electric drives a braking is not possible with a battery completely charged.

Mellow Remote:

  • Specially developed for electrical skatboard
  • Slider for gas and brakes
  • Change between 4 driving modes
  • LED display with charging state display
  • Vibration alarm before complete discharge
  • Rubber coating for better grip
  • Wrist band for higher security
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection
  • Size 110 x 36 x 23 mm (4.5 x 1.5 x 1 inches)

Mellow App:

  • Available for iOS and Android(Currently only Android)
  • Insight into data such as state of charge, range, speed and distance traveled
  • Change between 4 driving modes
  • Update your Mellow Drive


  • Mellow is a state-of-the-art product developed and produced in Germany. We want you to enjoy the Endless Ride for many years. That's why we will always go the extra mile to provide you with the best possible quality.
  • 2 years warranty on Mellow Drive and Mellow Remote
  • 1 year warranty on the battery


Loaded - Kut-Thaka Deck

The Kanthaka passes from the outer appearance rather than skateboard. But since the exterior appearance often likes to deceive and at the Kut-Thaka too, you should look closer to the deck. Clear, nose, tail and the shape make the board a board with the one with curbs, pipes and pools a good figure but also makes it very good with the right setup in the area of ​​Techlide on every conceivable way the hill can be redliding. Very light and at the same time robust through the bamboo construction are thus also possible for the experienced driver high ollies with large roles and wide axes possible. Due to the Wheelwells, which form a 3D Concave on the top is a very good stand and thus a lot of control guaranteed. These also allow roll sizes of up to 65mm without riserpad with standard TKP axes. The Kut-Thaka is the ideal board for people who can not decide between skateboard and longboard or enjoy the advantages of both.

The Kut-Thaka is available in 2 sizes, 8,625 "and 8,875".


Length: 91,5cm / 36 inch
Width: 22cm / 8.6 inches
Wheelbase: 44.5cm / 17.5 inch
Concave: 1cm
Mount: Topmount



    • Mellow Drive
    • Mellow battery
    • Front axle inclusive. roll
    • remote control
    • Loaded deck


    Danger! Because the legal situation is not clarified, here the note that e-skateboards are not approved for road traffic.