Mellow Board Drive S
Mellow Board Drive S
Mellow Board Drive S

Mellow Board Drive S

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Mellow Board Drive S

A new level of the electric skateboard

The Mellow Drive S is particularly attractive for electric skateboard beginners and all those who have only dreamed of owning a Mellow Drive.

The Mellow Drive S now has the same features as the Mellow Drive. The only difference is that it is not water- and dust-tight (IP65). Enjoy the same dry driving fun with the same quality made in Germany.

In the long run, Mellow Drive S is the first step into a whole new product world. It's completely modular. It doesn't just fit on every board.


Surfing instead of commuting

With the Mellow Drive S, the stressful way to work becomes a relaxed city surf. Plan your trip with the Mellow app. Depending on driving mode and battery capacity, it shows you your remaining range.

+ MADE IN GERMANY: Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany
+ LANGLEBIG: two years guarantee for the system, one year guarantee for the battery. 1.000 Loading cycles
+ SCHNELL: Maximum speed 40 km/h
ADDITIONAL LEVEL: Including remote control
+ INTELLIGENT: Engine switches to free running when you push yourself
+ FLEXIBEL: The roles are interchangeable
+ STRENGTH: Creates climbs from up to 20%
+ OUTSIDE: Create 12-15km range
+ CLEAR FIELD: loading time 3,5 hours
+ VIELSEITIG: The battery can even be charged via USB
+ 1A TECHNOLOGY: Dual braking system that recharges the battery and also works in full charging status
+ Mellow APP: App for iOS and Android

The facts:

  • Weight: 3,9 kg
  • Two motors in the wheels
  • Torque 3-Nm of each engine
  • Standard 6-hole, 180 mm truck
  • Click-in mechanism for the battery

The remote control:

  • Easy handling: "Push" accelerates, "pull" brake
  • 4 Ride Modes adjustable
  • LED display displays loading status
  • Bluetooth encrypted connection
  • Vibrates when the battery leans towards the end


  • Range 12-15km
  • loading time 3,5hrs
  • Fast charging time 45min
  • 1.000 complete charging cycles
  • Weight 1000g
  • Power 99Wh


  • Mellow has a dual braking system which recharges the battery while braking and also works with full battery. Most other electric drives cannot be braked with a fully charged battery.

Middle Remote:

  • Designed for electric skating
  • Push controller for gas and braking
  • Switch between 3 modes
  • LED display with charging status indicator
  • Vibration alarm before full discharge
  • Rubber coating for better grip
  • Handcuff for higher safety
  • Closed Bluetooth Connection
  • Size 110 x 36 x 23 mm (4.5 x 1.5 x 1 inches)

Mellow app:

  • Available for iOS and Android(Currently Android only)
  • insight into data such as state of charge, range, speed and distance travelled
  • Switch between 4 modes (Rookie, Eco, Pro, Endless)
  • Update your Mellow Drive S (iOS Mellow App only)


  • Mellow is a state-of-the-art product that is developed, tested and produced in Germany. We want you to enjoy the Endless Ride for many years. That's why we'll always go the extra mile to give you the best possible quality.

    2-year warranty on the Mellow Drive S and the Mellow Remote
    1-year guarantee on the battery

Attention! Because the legal situation is not clear, here is the indication that e-skateboards are not allowed for road transport.