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Mellow Board Drive
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Mellow Board Drive

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Mellow Board Drive Set

A new level of electric skateboarding

The Mellow Drive combines Boardsport with German engineering art at the highest level. So electric skateboard brings even more fun and is even safer.

Electropower for each skateboard

The Mellow Drive can be mounted like a normal axis under each skateboard. So you can recycle your favorite deck and turn into a full-grown vehicle. And with its compact size, the Drive is also the perfect travel companion.

Surfing instead of commuting

With the Mellow Drive, the stressful way to work is to relax in the relaxed City Surf. Plan your trip with the Mellow App. Depending on driving mode and battery capacity, it shows you your remaining range.

+ Made in Germany: Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany
+ Durable: 2 years warranty for the system, 1 year warranty for the battery. 1,000 charging cycles
+ Fast: maximum speed 40 km / h
+ Robust: water and dustproof (IP65)
+ Lightly controllable: Includes remote control
+ Intelligent: Motor switches into the freewheel when you push yourself
+ Flexible: The rollers are interchangeable
+ Strong: creates gradients of up to 20%
+ Continuous: creates 12-15 km range
+ Fast ready for use: charging time 3.5 hours
+ Versatile: The battery can even be charged via USB
+ 1A Technology: Dual brake system that reheats the battery and also works in full charging status
+ Mellow App: App for iOS and Android(Currently only Android)

The facts:

  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Two motors in the wheels
  • Torque 3 nm every engine
  • Standard 6-hole, 180 mm truck
  • Click-in mechanism for the battery

The remote control:

  • Easy handling: "Push" speeds up, "pull" brakes
  • 4 Ride modes adjustable
  • LED display shows charging status
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection
  • Vibrates when the battery tends to end

Danger! Because the legal situation is not clarified, here the note that e-skateboards are not approved for road traffic.