Mellow Board Battery-Pack Rental
Mellow Board Battery-Pack Rental

Mellow Board Battery-Pack Rental

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The Mellow battery provides a high-quality energy storage system consisting of the same cell type (18650 round cells) that Tesla uses for its famous electric cars. Due to our low IR MosFet technology with extremely low internal resistance and our innovative battery design, the Mellow battery provides extremely high currents at every charging state and thus enables constant high accelerations. The battery housing consists of an extremely impact-resistant PC ABS, a material that offers a high weight to strength ratio and is therefore almost impracticable. The water density of the battery is IP65 certified, which guarantees a reliable function, even in heavy rain. Inside the battery, a custom battery management system (BMS) monitors and protects every cell in the battery at all times. Outside the Mellow Drive, the Mellow battery acts as an independent power bank that can charge any USB device. For example, it can load an iPhone (6S) up to ten times.




Range 12km - 15km (7,5 miles-10miles)
loading time 3,5hrs
Fast charging time 45min
1.000 complete charging cycles
Weight 1050g
Maximum voltage 29,2V
Maximum discharge current 65A
Power 99Wh
Interchangeable by interlocking mechanism
Certified for air travel (UN38.3)
Water and dust protection (IP65)
also usable as a Powerbank via USB connection




Mellow is a state-of-the-art product that is developed, tested and produced in Germany. We want you to enjoy the Endless Ride for many years. That's why we'll always go the extra mile to give you the best possible quality.

1-year guarantee on the battery