Mellow 90mm Rollers Set

Mellow 90mm Rollers Set

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Mellow 90mm Rollers Set

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2 front rollers & 2 drive rollers with sealed ball bearings

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The extra-large 90mm rollers with a thicker urethane layer and a lower hardness of 76A make driving on uneven terrain much more comfortable. The rollers are specially made for the Mellow Drive. Easy to switch with normal skateboard tool. The rollers each have two standard 608 sealed ball bearings.



The front rollers have a continuous polyurethane body, while in the case of the drive rollers an 11 mm thick layer of polyurethane encloses the plastic core of glass fiber, which nestles like a gear around the motor. The reels are easy to change with a normal skateboard tool. Each roller has two standard 608 sealed ball bearings.



Size 90 mm
Hardness 76a