Loaded Coyote Deck
Loaded Coyote Deck

Loaded Coyote Deck

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Loaded Coyote Deck

SNEAK PAST the guards. Tear up all fears

Based on the overwhelming resonance on the Kut-thaka, we have revised our classic single-kick shredder with a new maple construction, maintaining the same ergonomic curvatures, functional kicktails and wheel torches you love. A light, compact, loose-fitting city slasher perfect for freerides, freestyle and road cruises. Not to mention the wallet. Howl at the moon!

The Coyote is an artist collab board and features a limited garfik by California street artist and mural painter Teddy Kelly.
We're breaking down the walls!

Note: The color of the cover veneer may vary. You get what you get and you will be satisfied;)


Length: 30.75 "/78.1 cm
Width: 8.375 "/21.3 cm
Wheelbase: 17.5 "/44.5 cm
Profiles: rocker
Weight (deck only): 2.8 lbs/1.3 kg