INST 360 One X2
INST 360 One X2
INST 360 One X2
INST 360 One X2
INST 360 One X2

INST 360 One X2

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Insta360 One X2

  • 5,7K 360.Recordings
  • Steady Cam Mode
  • FlowState Stabilisation
  • Ultral Touch Screen
  • Invisible Selfie Stick
  • Water density up to 10 m
  • CI-Processing
  • 4-Mic 360th Audio
  • TimeShift
  • Language

360-PANORAMAMODUS -5,7K recording with both lenses
Unleash the creative freedom of 360o. Take everything around you with excellent 5,7K resolution and H.265 encoding and adjust the view later.

FLOWSTATE STABILISATION- The best possible stabilization.
The FlowState stabilization has returned, with a better algorithm than ever before. Forget about bulky or fragile gumballs and grab that little Steady Cam for your pocket.

HORIZONTSPERRE- Align the horizon.
Free a whole new world of stabilization. Type Horizontal Block to balance the horizon in Steady Cam mode or in 360-video mode.

INSTA360 APP- An entire editing studio in your pocket.
Use the Insta360 app editor with full functionality. Reframe your recordings to 16:9, 1:1 and 9:16 image formats and share them directly on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more.

No drone? No drone? It's no problem.
Take the invisible selfie stick and watch it disappear while editing. Take videos from the bird's perspective effortlessly without needing a drone.

BULLET TIME 3.0- Absolutely amazing.
Slow yourself down in the middle of the action. Bullet Time becomes simpler and better than ever with automatic horizontal alignment, smart speed ramping and completely new accessories.

TIMESHIFT- Control over space and time.
Slow everything down with the ultra-temporal lobe or switch to the overtake track with hyperlapse. All recordings, whether 360-degree or Steady-Cam edit directly in the app.

FLIGHTS -Flights like with FPV
Take your camera with the selfie stick. When moving through narrow areas, peel the spot on the app and let the app assemble the video at this point. The app then creates a video, like on a FPV flight.

SHOT LAB - Kinoreife clips with a finger tip.
The easiest way to create your clips. Choose your recordings and let Shot Lab do the rest. Shot Lab offers you a series of creative templates that are constantly being developed to impress your clips over and over again.

FOLLOW UP WITH A TYPE + DEEP TRACK 2.0- Smart chase out of your pocket.
Type or say the word to point to your target. Deep Track's improved object detection allows you to track people, animals and other moving objects while keeping the algorithm in the middle of the picture.

FREE FRAME- Freeze yourself in time.
Freeze your video at the top of the action with just one fingertip in the app's time settings.

GHOST TOWN- Turn every place into a ghost town.
With Ghost Town, you'll never complain about people getting in your way again. You simply record a 360-hour lapse and the app turns the whole thing into a photo without people.

AUTO FRAME 360-degree automatic alignment.
Auto Frame makes your 360-shot the best angle. The increasingly optimized KI helps you create the perfect photos and videos.

Become the master of the desktop.
Insta360 Studio is the ultimate desktop tool for 360-degree editing and the best: it is free. Alternatively, you can also use our plug-ins to edit 360s directly into Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X (soon available).

No-Stitch video editing. Huge time savings.

HDR FOTO + VIDEO -Increase the dynamic range.
The Insta360 ONE X2 supports HDR photo and video, providing better dynamics and natural lighting.

Pureshot- Less light. It's no problem.
PureShot improves the dynamic range of your photos with little light, keeps the noise to a minimum and gets all the details.

Reach with a finger tip, which was previously only possible with a series of exposures.

MULTIVIEW- Two cameras in one.
Changes the life for all solo Vloggers and artists like a multi-cam rig that you can hold in one hand. Customize the viewing field and zoom levels easily in the app.

AQUAVISION- Water becomes crystal clear.
Record colorful underwater images without using external filters. Just tap into AquaVision in the app or studio and the KI automatically balances the colors.

IPX8 WATER PROTECTION- Water-proof 360th camera.
A waterproof 360-degree camera in pocket format. The Insta360 ONE X2 is waterproof up to ten meters (IPX8). Use it in the rain or in the pool or grab the Dive Case for seamless underwater stitching in depths of up to 45 meters.

4-MIKRO 360-AUDIO- Surround-Sound
The ONE X2 uses four microphones to locate and amplify your voice, no matter how you hold the camera. A new smart wind reduction algorithm ensures that you only get the desired sound.

1630 mAh battery - 55% more power
With the 1630 mAh high-performance jacket, you're equipped for anything. Stay fully operational with the Insta360 One X2 for longer.

Apple Watch Control
Control the ONE X2 with the Apple Watch app; You can also record GPS data and display important data such as speed or distance when recording.

Connection with AirPods
Use your AirPods to record audio wirelessly on the way or to control your recording by voice.
Supports first and second generation AirPods

Take the GPS remote control to control the Insta360 ONE X2 and record real-time GPS data on your bike or in the car.

GPS-FIVE STATISTICS- Record your journey.
Blend in your adventures data with the ONE X2 state dashboard. HUD data such as speed, height and more help you track your progress.

Control the Insta ONE X2 by language when it is not in range.

Go live in 360o.
Go live with ONE X2. Choose 360-degree live to give your viewers the opportunity to explore every direction and control the perspective with Reframe Live in real time.

360th WEBCAM Internet meetings of the next generation.
Bring your Internet meetings with a 360-degree webcam to a whole new level. Connect the ONE X2 to your preferred meeting software and discover the entire environment in the split screen.

INSTAPANO- Easy to use Panoramas.
Beautiful, extremely wide-angle panoramic photos. No cumbersome or difficult camera movements required. Tip for a sharp, perfect panorama without distortions just InstaPano on.

Just wipe to see a whole 360-degree scene in the preview. A seeker like no other, 40% bigger than the screen of ONE X.