Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solarpanel
Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solarpanel

Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solarpanel

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Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solarpanel

The Nomad 50 is built robustly for mobile base warehouses and adventures away from the power grid and is perfect for longer journeys if you need more power without having to make any detours in handling. Thanks to the versatile four-panel design, the Nomad 50 can be easily deployed and solar energy can be collected while standing still and can be quickly stored in your vehicle while driving in a narrow space. In combination with a Yeti Power Station, you can charge laptops, operate portable refrigerators and operate important electronics.

Nomad 50 Highlihts

  • With the Nomad 50 you can charge Power Banks & Power Stations to charge laptops, operate portable refrigerators and supply important electronics.
  • Four monocrystalline panels enclosed in a protective cover can be folded into a compact format to allow easy storage and versatility. Hanging loops allow you to attach the panel to vehicles, tents and more.
  • With integrated charging cables for use with Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations, Sherpa Power Banks and USB devices. With the integrated 8-mm cable you can chain additional solar panels for faster charging times.


  • Sherpa 100AC: 3 - 6 hours
  • Yeti 150: 5,5 -11 hours
  • Yeti 200X: 5 - 10 hours
  • Yeti 400: 12 - 24 hours
  • Yeti 400 lithium: 12 -24 hours
  • Yeti 500X: 12 - 24 hours

*Solar charging times vary and depend on many factors such as height, temperature, season, angle and position to the sun.


  • Solar connection (blue, 8 mm, male): 14-22 V, up to 3,3 A (max. 50 W)
  • USB-A connection: 5 V, up to 2,4 A (max. 12 W)


  • Foldable: up to 150 watts
  • Weight: 3,1 kg
  • Dimensions (uneven): 43,2 x 134,6 x 3,8 cm
  • Dimensions (folded): 43,2 x 28,6 x 6,4 cm


  • Rated power: 50W
  • Empty voltage (Voc): 18 -22V
  • Cell type: Monocristallin