Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit Nomad 7 +

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit Nomad 7 +

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Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit Nomad 7 +

Guide 10 Plus Recharger 10 Wh

Fight the villain of the disposable batteries with the heroically small, light and rechargeable GUIDE 10 Plus Powerpack by GOAL ZERO. The GUIDE 10 Plus has enough energy for your mobile phone. 3 times to load or to give your tablet a power boost of up to 30%.


  • Download your phone 1-3 times Pro
  • Load Booste your tablet up to 30%
  • Charging AA/AAA batteries over the sun with the Nomad 3,5 or 7 solar panel
  • Can be charged via any USB port
  • Built-in LED flashlight with up to 150 hours of running time per charge
  • Stores energy for day and night
  • Small and light, perfect for everyday life
  • Includes 4 rechargeable AA batteries
  • Weight: 180g


  • USB: 8-10 hours
  • NOMAD 3,5 (Solar): 6-8 hours
  • NOMAD 7 (Solar): 2-4 hours


  • Mini USB: 5V/0.7A max (3.5W)
  • Solar port: 6,5V/1,5A max (7W)


  • Batteries: 4 x AA or AAA (AAA batteries sold separately) NiMH cells
  • USB: Standard output 5V/1A max (5W) LED
  • Lamp: 100mW white LED /100 + hours *
  • Capacity: 10Wh (2300mA) */only NiMH cells
  • Life time: hundreds of charging cycles *



  • Guide10
  • 4x AA batteries

GoalZero Nomad 7 PLUS Solar Panel

Charging smartphones and small Goal Zero chargers through a built-in USB port with solar power.

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel is an improved version of the Goal Zero Nomad 7, perfect for the (direct) charging of USB terminals. It is 40% shallower and lighter with the same performance as the existing Nomad series.

The solar module has a special technology, with which USB terminals can be charged in a particularly effective way directly via the solar module (i.e. without a power bank). In the case of less optimal weather conditions, an integrated function ensures that the charging process of a USB terminal is automatically restarted after an interruption. The Nomad 7 Plus also detects the charging status of the connected device and automatically stops generating the energy in the case of a charged battery.

In order to make the charging clearer, the Nomad 7 Plus is equipped with an LED indicator, which indicates the strength of the sun's radiation. This makes it easy to assess the orientation of the solar module in the most effective way. Thanks to the removable stand, the module can easily be placed at the best angles, hang or put.

The Nomad 7 Plus is splashproof and at the corners there are practical recesses for hanging up. On the back of the Nomad 7 Plus there is a storage compartment with zipper, in which the device to be charged can be connected and stowed protected.


  • Weight (with foot): 12.8 oz (363 g)
  • Weight (without foot): 9.2 oz (260 g)
  • Size (unfolded): 13 x 8.75 x 0.5 in (33 x 22.23 x 1.27 cm)
  • Size (folded): 6.5 x 8.75 x 0.75 in (16.5 x 22.23 x 1.9 cm)
  • Outputs: USB port: 5 V, up to 1.4 A (1400 mA) (7 W max.)
  • Weight: 260g (without stand/storage compartment )/363g (with stand/storage compartment)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power/Solar Capacity: 7 W (8-9V)
  • Solar Module Cell Type: Monocrystallin

Loads the following Goal Zero products:

  • Powerpack Goal Zero Switch 8 & 10, Flip 10 & 20, Guide 10 Plus, Venture 30, Rock Out portable speakers and Lighthouse lanterns

Examples loading duration:

  • Goal Zero Switch 10/Flip 10: 2.5-5 hours
  • Flip 20: 5-10 hours
  • Venture 30: 8-16 hours
Scope of supply:
  • Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel
  • Removable stand/storage compartment with zipper