Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)
Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)
Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)
Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)
Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)
Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)

Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)

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Boosted Board Plus (refurbished)

The Boosted Plus is a new version of the classic longboards with improvements in the right places. The deck has a wider waist for more stability and maneuverability, improved vibration damping and a finely tuned flex get. A ride and you will see how far we came. The two belt engines with a total output of 2,000 watts are up to 35 km / h. And the replaceable battery is suitable for a range of about 22 kilometers.


Product features

Spring marks the beginning of a new chapter for Boosted. With data from years of internal research and development as well as driver feedback, we have developed the Boosted Plus from the ground up. Each individual component was specially developed and constructed for the long-term requirements of the electric skateboard. The brand new Super Flex composite deck maintains the characteristic flex and carving capabilities for which Boosted is known, now with even more strength and vibration damping. Our specially developed 85mm-Stratus wheels have a balanced flex profile to ensure safe and stable driving behavior with exactly the right level of grip and roll. With our industry-leading remote control and firmware for safe brakes and instant accelerate, the Boosted Plus is an immediate classic.



GENERAL Fire: Boosted boards
Weight: 7.7 kg
Length: 96 cm
Width: 28 cm
Warranty: 24 months
App Support: Android, iOS
Supported Weight: 110 kg
Model Year: 2019
COLORS: orange
Ride modes: 5 ride modes
Max persons: 1 person
Waterproof: Emergency
ENGINE Topspeed:
Motor watt: 2100 watts (2x 1050 watts)
Engine Type:
Hill Climb: 25%
Engine position:
DECK Deck Type: Flexible, longboard
Deck Material: ,
Wholesale Wheel Size: 85 mm
Terrain: Street
Remote Remote Connection: Bluetooth
Remote Charge Port: Mini USB
Battery Range:
Battery Capacity: 199Wh
Detachable Battery: Yes
Charge Time: 1h 10m
Battery position:
Air Travel:
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Fast Charger: Optional
Brake Regenerative: Yes
Brake Locations: Back



Please note that the use of electric wheels, hoverboards, skateboards and electrical cooters in the area of ​​the StVO, as well as public paths and places, is not permitted due to the technical properties of the vehicle and may be evidenced by the regulatory authorities with a fine!