Boosted Board Mini S
Boosted Board Mini S
Boosted Board Mini S
Boosted Board Mini S
Boosted Board Mini S
Boosted Board Mini S
Boosted Board Mini S

Boosted Board Mini S

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Boosted Board Mini S

The Boosted Board Mini S is the boosted experience you've been waiting for. With a length of only 29,5 inches, it fits perfectly under desks, in overcouplings in buses and trains and is designed for drivers who are always on the move. Our new specially developed composite deck offers a broad, stable platform and has a concave deep dish shape for superior control. The Kicktail design allows quick switching to the narrowest space and allows you to "float" over road corners. The best thing is that Boosted Mini offers the same powerful acceleration and even, safe braking that you expect from Boosted, with driving modes and acceleration patterns that are adapted to the compact profile of the board. In Boosted Mini S, performance meets agility.



ENGINE Engine Type:
DECK Cover material: ,




  • up to 7 Miles / 11KM
  • Top speed up to 18 mph / 28 km/h
  • Elevations up to 20%
  • Drive Modes: 3 Modes for beginners to professionals
  • Weight 15 lbs / 6.8kg
  • Power 1000 Watts
  • Brakes Regenerative Brakes
  • Deck Deep Dish Composite Deck
  • Wheels: Boosted Lunar 80mm
  • Trucks: 190mm CNC Precision Machined
  • iOS and Android app ™
  • Bluetooth Ergonomic Remote ® Remote
  • Loading time: 1 hr 15 min (S), 1 hr 45 min (X)




Please note that the use of electric unicycles, hoverboards, skateboards and electric scooters in the field of the STVO, as well as public roads and places, is not allowed and may be possible due to the technical characteristics of the vehicle. be fined by the law enforcement authorities!