Bolt Truck Set V2 180mm 50 ° Pink
Bolt Truck Set V2 180mm 50 ° Pink
Bolt Truck Set V2 180mm 50 ° Pink
Bolt Truck Set V2 180mm 50 ° Pink

Bolt Truck Set V2 180mm 50 ° Pink

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After the last version appeared in 2013, there is now the new V2 version. In comparison to the first version, the baseplate was significantly strengthened. The hanger is now edged and therefore a lot more durable. As a third change, the Bushingseat was changed minimally so that the axles now also turn a hint of agiler. The bushings were raised from 85a to 87a hardness.

Due to the turned-off hillside and the exact seat of the Kingpin and Pivot, the trucks have a very precise and lively steering behavior. The in-house Sunrise rubber bushings (87a) underline this extremely accurate steering behavior. Bolt Trucks are developed in Germany by G.O.G. Mastermind Frank Beste, Heiko Schöller and Richard Löffler, and tested by experienced drivers. From Skaters for Skaters! #skaterownedandoperated


  • different color variations: Black, Blue, Green, White, Pink ...
  • 180mm Width
  • 50 degrees steering angle
  • 6 hole baseplate for oldschool and newschooler assembly
  • Sunrise rubber bushings (87a custom duro and color)
  • New stable hangerdesign
  • Long-lasting Pivotcups
  • Very accurate Kingpin seat
  • Hanger Twisted
  • Design made in Germany by Frank Beste (G.O.G) and Heiko Schöller (Concretewave, Sunrise)
  • Perfect performance "Out of the Box"
  • Bushings: 25x15mm Barrels with Flatwashers Flipbar: Yes
  • Rake: 4 mm
  • Height: 65 mm (bottom edge baseplate to center axle pin)
  • Flipped height: 61 mm