Boa Hatchling Purple 90mm rolls

Boa Hatchling Purple 90mm rolls

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Boa Hatchling Purple 90mm rolls

The Boa Hatchlings are the perfect complement for your ride. These wheels have now been improved with our brand new V2 Hemotox ™ formula and are characterized by excellent resistance to flaking off. This way they can be used in the most irreconcilable environments. The Hemotox ™ formula provides a squishy ride to absorb shocks and vibration. Don't be fooled by the 83a durometer, these wheels drive like a soft and matchless 78a wheel. Our new Boa Core provides additional support for urethane for high speed applications and features a precision slaving seat that keeps your wheels in swing and 10 g lighter than our V1 wheels.

These wheels measure 90 mm with a CP of 60 mm and an offset core and offer a perfect measure of grip and ride comfort without the torque being massively reduced for your electric board.

These wheels are compatible with the following boards:

  • Jed Board (All Models)
  • Boosted Board v2/3, including Stealth and Mini
  • Evolve Carbon/Bamboo GT/GTR (with Kegel Pulley)


Technical data:


Lip: Rounded off
Use: electric skateboard
Core Position: OffSet