ABEC11 Superflys 107mm 74a Black

ABEC11 Superflys 107mm 74a Black

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ABEC11 107mm Superflys Black

Sale as a set (four roles).

ABEC11 107mm Superflys are here! The SkateMeinde has been waiting for this product and ABEC11 finally has the answer.

Modern electrolongboards require 107mm longboards with less width than the classic 107er Electric Flywheels.

The Super Flys have the same size, but thanks to the offset core, however, fit the most common e-boards (such as evolve).

  • 107mm diameter
  • 74a hardness
  • 45mm diameter core
  • 31mm deep urethane
  • 64mm width
  • 55mm tread
  • Offset core

ABEC 11 was born from the idea of ​​skateboarding to fulfill the desire for high qualitative products. ABEC 11 today produces affordable high-end rollers that represent the absolute standard in terms of roles thanks to the latest technology and high-quality urethane. Many professionals swear on the ABEC 11 urethane and countless downhill and slalom races have been won thanks to these wheels. ABEC 11 is our absolute recommendation in things downhill, slalom, cruisen and freerids.


  • Colour:black
  • Hardness: 74a
  • Diameter:107mm
  • Tread:55mm
  • Core position:Offset