ABEC11 Refly Flywheels 97mm 77a Lime
ABEC11 Refly Flywheels 97mm 77a Lime

ABEC11 Refly Flywheels 97mm 77a Lime

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ABEC11 Refly Flywheels 97mm 77a Lime

Sale as a set (four roles).

ABEC 11 was born from the idea of ​​skateboarding to fulfill the desire for high qualitative products. ABEC 11 today produces affordable high-end rollers that represent the absolute standard in terms of roles thanks to the latest technology and high-quality urethane. Many professionals swear on the ABEC 11 urethane and countless downhill and slalom races have been won thanks to these wheels. ABEC 11 is our absolute recommendation in things downhill, slalom, cruisen, LDP and freerids.


New Lime Reflex urethane variant.

The Flywheels of ABEC11 are among the fastest downhillwheels on the market and are also one of the best-selling roles in Long Distance Pushing. Also in the BobbyCar downhill scene as well as electroboard manufacturers, the roles are very popular by their weight-reducing spoke core.
The rounded edges ensure a foreseeable and controlled slide. Through the centerset core it is possible to achieve a uniform wear of the roles without being conical.

  • Diameter: 97mm
  • Hardening: 77a
  • Width: 52mm
  • Contact area: 44mm
  • Kern: 45mm
  • Core seat: CS Centerset
  • Edges: round
  • Disciplines: Downhill, Street Luge, Long Distance Pushing, Bobbycar, Electricboard