Abec11 Reflex Centrax HD Wheels 75mm

Abec11 Reflex Centrax HD Wheels 75mm

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Abec11 Reflex Big Zig HD Wheels 75mm Green


Abec11 Reflex Big Zig HD Wheels

Sale as a set (four reels).

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Abec11 returns to the now quite advanced market of modern racing cars. Now there is the very popular reflex Big Zig with a large core and modified roll shape. In earlier times, when the cores were much smaller than today, the Big Zig reflex was the benchmark for Downhill. The reflector urethane is known for its high rolling speed and excellent grip. The Big Zig HD combines these features with an optimized slider content, due to the new roller shape. With the large core and the diameter of 75mm, the rollers have a remarkable rolling speed. The running surface of 59mm, the offsets and the newly formed sharp lips ensure a proper delay in slides. The Big Zig HD is available in two different Durometers: 74a and 77a.


  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Running surface: 59mm
  • Durometers: 74a, 77a and 80a
  • Offset
  • Large core
  • Sharp edges
  • Reflection Urethane
  • Colour: green