ESKATE GUIDE #1 Berlin Lübars
Just 30 minutes by car from Friedrichstraße is the last village of Berlin's Lübars, which is still largely preserved. The leisure and recreation park is one of the most beautiful green areas in the north of the city.
Surrounded by fields and meadows, the amusement park Lübars is a 39.6 ha recreation area in the district of Reinickendorf on the border to the district of Pankow.

Snowboarding, Surfing, Carving

Surrounded by nature with the wide fields and meadows, the area offers the perfect condition to find a connection with the Evolve between snowboarding, surfing and everything that carvt on land.

Wide fields, lush meadows

The Lübarser Höhe offers a flying slope suitable for gliding, a 300 m long ski and tobogling slope with floodlights as well as hiking trails, bike paths, sunbathing areas, barbecue areas and viewpoints.

Berliner Mauerweg

The 85 meters high Lübarser Höhe is the center-an artificially laid hill, where you have a great view in good weather. Only in the distance you can see the TV tower in the east and the high-rise buildings of the Märkisches Viertel in the west.
From the Lübarser Höhe, there is the Wall Trail, a skate and bicycle route that goes past the Märkische Viertel to Wilhelmsruh.

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